EVA London 2023

BCS Moorgate, London, UK 10th - 14th July 2023

The Electronic Visualisation and the Arts London 2023 Conference (EVA London 2023) is co-sponsored by the Computer Arts Society (CAS) and BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, of which the CAS is a Specialist Group. As for 2022, the EVA London 2023 Conference is a physical and online “hybrid” conference. We continue with publishing the proceedings, both online, with open access via ScienceOpen, and also in our traditional printed form, in full colour. The main conference presentations run during 10–13 July 2023, with workshops and other activities, especially for students, on 14 July 2023. Over recent decades, the EVA London Conference on Electronic Visualisation and the Arts has established itself as one of the United Kingdom’s most innovative and interdisciplinary conferences. It brings together a wide range of research domains to celebrate a diverse set of interests, with a specialised focus on visualisation.

J.P. Bowen, J. Weinel, and G. Diprose (eds.) EVA London 2023: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference to be held at BCS Moorgate, London, UK. 10-14 July. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 2023. DOI: 10.14236/ewic/EVA2023.0


Papers and Presentations

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Monday 10th July 2023
S1Tula GianniniDigital LensPaperVideo
S1Terrence MassonPreparing Students for the New Computer Arts Landscape-Video
S2Giuliano GaiaAugmented Reality in Digital Art: Case Histories and Future Directions-Video
S3Graham DiproseDigital Preservation and Access: Photography Past, Present and Future-Video
S4Tula Giannini (Chair), Terrence Masson, Giuliano Gaia, and Graham Diprose, Jonathan P. BowenSymposium Discussion-Video
Computational Culture
P1Jonathan P. Bowen & Tula GianniniThe Arts and Computational Culture: A landscape viewPaperVideo
P2Ann BordaBearing Witness: A commentary on climate action and immersive climate change exhibitionsPaperVideo
P3Mei-Tsen Chen, Fion Gunn, Shoran Jiang, Ardern Hulme-Beaman, Alan Hudson, Maureen Kendal & Nazia ParvezA-MAZE Artists Update 2023: Boundless – Worlds in Flux: Overcoming boundaries to virtual world integration in traditional heritage settingsPaperVideo
P4Karoline WinzerThe Connection Framework: How designers and developers can impact social connectionPaperVideo
P5Aphra Shemza, Peter Todd & A.J. BravoShemza Digital: Across GenerationsPaperVideo
P6Dominik Lengyel & Catherine ToulouseHow Physical Models Complete Virtual MultimedialityPaper-
P7Lindsay W. MacDonaldVisualising a Medieval Wall Painting of St Thomas BecketPaperVideo
P8Carl Hayden Smith & William L.J. BigmoreRe-Enchantment with Technology and Ourselves: Constructing the technomancy and neuromancy frameworkPaperVideo
P9Jonathan P. Bowen & Sean ClarkRecent Progress with the Computer Arts ArchivePaperVideo
EVENick Lambert & Sean ClarkComputer Arts Society Evening-Video
Tuesday 11th July 2023
Interdisciplinary Narratives
P10Leah Barclay, Tricia King & Lyndon DavisSeeing Sound and Hearing Images: Interdisciplinary explorations in marine environments in Queensland, AustraliaPaperVideo
P11Mary-Joyce ArekionDigital Storytelling: An innovative arts-based research method for qualitative researchPaperVideo
P12Susan HazanThe Dance of the Doppelgängers: AI and the cultural heritage communityPaperVideo
KEY1Kay WatsonHead of Arts Technologies at the Serpentine Galleries, London, UK-Video
Documenting Digital Art
P13Kenneth FeinsteinVoicing the Subject: Finding new ways of creating the documentaryPaper-
P14Sean Clark & Stephen ScrivenerRebuilding Stephen Scrivener's Homeostasis ArtworkPaper-
P15Carmen Gil VrolijkHybrisPaperVideo
Social Engagement
P16Jon Malis A Comparison of Physical and Virtual Representations of Yves Klein’s International Klein Blue-Video
P17Lindsay Pierce, Dajonea Robinson, Mi Tran & Whitney GrahamSocial Memberships and Identity Representation in ‘Text-to-Image’ Artificial Intelligence ProgrammesPaperVideo
P18Kristin Carlson, Greg Corness, Zahra Irannezhad, Kimberly Brucker & Lyndsie SchlinkSounds of Connection: Tactile support of family engagement in elderly memory-care residentsPaperVideo
Digital Aesthetics
P19Nat HardyFrom Whom the Trumpist Trolls: The Digital Propaganda of Jon McNaughton-Video
P20Joskaudė Pakalkaitė Noise-Free DigitalInterfaces From the Near FuturePaper-
P21Camila Mangueira & Fabrício FavaMetaimage: The image beyond visual representationPaper-
P22Rochele Gloor, Greg Corness, Rose Marshack & Aaron PaolucciCan You Feel What I Feel? Leveraging aesthetics in visual and spatial audio VR experiencePaperVideo
P23Stuart SmithCreating an App for Computer-assisted ArtPaperVideo
Wednesday 12th July 2023
China Connections
P24Bao Han & Jonathan P. BowenThe Public Sphere and Weibo Microblogging Social Media Platforms in ChinaPaperVideo
P25Huan Fan & Jonathan P. BowenAn Overview of New Media Art Exhibitions in China (2017–2022)PaperVideo
P26Yi Ji, Sean Clark, Minliang Bai, Congxiao Sang & Yihong YuanA Study on the Development of Digital Art in China Through ArtworksPaperVideo
P27Ze GaoEnvisioning an Immersive Multi-Screen VR System for Museum Archive BrowsingPaperVideo
P28Ze Gao, Simin Yang & Xingxing YangSymbiotic Hands: A virtual reality interactive system that traverses realityPaperVideo
KEY2Dr Mick GriersonProfessor and Research Leader, Creative Computing Institute (CCI), University of Arts London-Video
Environmental Interfaces
P29Anna Shvets & Samer DarkazanliVolumetric Music Composition in a VR ContextPaperVideo
P30Marco Innocenti, Guillaume Mur, Christophe Brod & Olga KisselevaExtracting Treescape Data from an Autonomous Smart Beehive: A project for an art museum device using near-infrared lightPaperVideo
P31Ninon Lizé Masclef & Adrien ChuttarsingLatent Organism: A tangible interface for 3D co-creation with AIPaperVideo
P32Sophie DixonCrafting Virtual Spaces with Creative AI: A case study of Lux in TenebrisPaperVideo
Convergent Realities
P33André RangelRechteck Fyrkant: If they were the same thing, they were the same thing, but they are notPaperVideo
P34Elina Argyridou, Panayiota Samara, Marinos Ioannides, Maria Hadjiathanasiou, Elena Karittevli, Iliana Koulafeti, Ioannis Panayi & Kyriakos EfstathiouResearch Methodologies for Digital Holistic Documentation of Cultural HeritagePaperVideo
P35Racelar Ho, Sarah Vollmer & Xiaolong Zheng24/7 World lessness of Post-Bits Human Universe: Asynchronous Signal TransmutationPaperVideo
P36Monika KeenanBridging the Divide: Creating an accessible transparent AR displayPaper-
P37Terry TrickettBuilding Less is More: A tale of two realitiesPaperVideo
Thursday 13th July 2023
Generative Art
P38Tula Giannini & Jonathan P. BowenGenerative Art and Computational Imagination: Integrating poetry and art worldPaperVideo
P39Daniela de PaulisMare IncognitoPaperVideo
P40Andy LomasDigital ChemotaxisPaperVideo
P41Carl Hayden Smith, Tom Middleton and Joe CrossleyThe Intentional Use of Sound Design in the Egyptian Temples and the Great PyramidPaperVideo
P42Carmen Gil VrolijkVoltaje – Art and Technology Salon: Art as an experience not as an objectPaperVideo
P43Charles de Paiva Santana, Javier Elipe Gimeno, and Vincent TiffonUnderstanding Spectral Music's Instrumental Synthesis Technique--
KEY3Stephen ScrivenerChelsea College of Art & Design, ArtistComputer Scientist-Video
Research Workshop
RW1Raheem A. Lawal, Jonathan Weinel & Darrenlloyd GentRepresenting Amphibian Perspectives in a 3D Game EnginePaperVideo
RW2Jairo Zaldua and Nicola GreenImaginary Friends in (and since) isolationPaperVideo
RW3Margarita GalandinaPreserving Captured Memories of Buryat-Mongol Folklore in SiberiaPaperVideo
RW4Haya ShefferHumanity Measures Itself: Self-measuring and new “post measuring discourse”PaperVideo
RW5Ross Rodney, Jonathan Weinel & Martyn BroadheadRetro Stylistic Transformations in GamesPaperVideo
RW6Pierre ChaumontA Citizen Of Culture: On art as a gamified experiencePaperVideo
Friday 14th July 2023
W1Geoff DavisAI Mood Bias-Video
W2Carl Haydon Smith, Tom Middleton, Joe Crossley, Jose Montemayor Alba, Benjamin I. Outram, Melissa WarnerThe Sacred Sound Chamber and The Cyberdelic RenaissancePaperVideo