Paul Brown Retrospective 1966 - 2022

March-June 2023BCS Moorgate, London (Prints)
July-September 2023Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre, Leicester (Prints)

Paul Brown pursues his work in the traditions of Constructivism, De Stijl, Art Concret and Conceptual & Systems Art. He discovered digital systems as an artistic medium at the Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition at the ICA in London in 1968. His main focus has been developing “bottom-up” AI or A-Life systems earning him an international reputation as a pioneer of this art genre. The earliest work in this show dates from 1966 when he was 19 and the latest is from 2022 when he was 75. His main output has been the design of A-Life agents that use cellular automata and tiling symmetry to navigate very large permutative datasets and create dynamic, real-time, computational and generative artworks. An early ambition was to make AI/A-life systems that were capable of independent creative activity but Paul now recognises that this has not yet been achieved. However, he remains confident that robust, self-replicating and evolving creative AIs will appear soon and are likely to become evolutionary successors to humans.


Exhibition Catalogue & Signed Print

The exhibition catalogue is available as a free downloadable PDF. A limited number of printed copies are also being made available. There is also a signed exhibition print. Copies can be purchased from the Computer Arts Archive Shop, subject to availability.

Exhibition Showreel

We have created a showreel of videos of five artworks by Paul Brown: Builder Eater (1979), Sandlines (1999), 4^16 (2006), Dragon (2012) and Four Dragons (2012). Each artwork is shown for approximately four minutes. The original artworks are generative and are of higher quality that these videos.

Exhibition Photographs